We have snow today; it began yesterday and went through the night. This morning is bright with sunshine, but the roads are snow packed and slippery. The high is only going to be 15 or so, so it will be interesting to see what the road conditions are at the end of the day.

I rode the bus in to work; I still have to drive to the park-and-ride, but that’s a lot safer than risking the whole 13 miles to the lab. If there’s only a little melting today and it refreezes (as it obviously will when the temps dip down to -10 or below tonight!), the roads will become a solid sheet of ice, making the drive tomorrow even worse than today. That’s okay; I’ll just take the bus again tomorrow, too!

I did have to wait quite a while for a bus, due to their running behind schedule and my missing earlier ones. Fortunately, I don’t have to be at work at any specific time, plus we were granted “delayed arrival” to the lab today. So whenever I manage to stroll in is usually fine. I will also need to leave earlier than usual, as I have a scheduled engagement after work on Mondays and the bus ride takes longer than driving.

So, what shall I do with this abbreviated work day? I intend to make some revisions to a paper that I am writing with my colleagues. I must tell you the story of this paper in a later post; it’s long and depressing, almost laughably so! But we are just almost to publication, which is great. So yes, today’s goal is to work on those updates and send them to my boss for his thoughts and comments. Better go work on that now!