I just bit into a cherry tomato, and juice squirted all over my desk, including on a page of data I just took before lunch. It wasn’t a rotten tomato, but I hope that isn’t a statement regarding the quality of this last measurement. Sigh.

As you probably ascertained from my last couple of posts, I wasn’t exactly having the greatest week last week. It took a while to recover from the funk I was in, and it seemed like there was one small disaster after another to make everything just feel hopeless. However, I hunkered down with a book the majority of the long weekend, tuning out the world and resting, and I’m doing much better now, mentally and physically. Now I can go back to feeling just panicky and overwhelmed! :p

And I am feeling particularly so, as I essentially just wasted a week not doing what I planned in the lab and haven’t written anything. I’m trying to make up for it, though the momentum is only just starting to swing back the other way just a little. But I’m determined to keep it there. Even if I have to pretend that I’m confident and in control, I will keep going forward. If life wants to keep giving me lemons, then life better know that it’s on, fool. I can’t afford to do anything else!