Well, I at least ended the week on an up note. I did get a bunch of measurements done, maybe the minimum I need to have to make a nice comprehensive data set. There are one or two measurements that would be nice in an ideal world, but I guess I have yet to figure out whether my thesis lives in an ideal world or not.

I didn’t really expect to have a back massage in the middle of the day today, either. I’m doing a little physical therapy for some back pain, and in the process of loosening up my tight spine and shoulder girdle, I also got some intensive neck treatment, too. Given my uptight condition, there’s only so much a PT plus a student shadowing her could do in one hour, but thankfully I will be going back again and again and again… While it does cut into my work day, I definitely can use it. I could use it twice a day every day, in an ideal world.

I think lots of people forget about the importance of flexibility and looseness. When we think about fitness, we usually think about cardio exercise, and sometimes strength. Both of those are important, but I find the physiology of muscles and the skeleton quite fascinating. I’m certainly no expert, but as I get older I find myself appreciating it more and more, and I aim to make sure I stay fit in all three of these areas during my life. So I greatly appreciate the opportunity to get some PT to help existing problems but to, more importantly, learn ways of keeping my body working optimally. Oh, and my 2012 flexibility challenge is going alright; I’m taking it easier given above mentioned back thing, but I’m working on my hamstrings and am seeing some improvement so far. I just might have enough audacity to expect myself to be able to touch my toes sometime this year (something I’ve never ever been able to do since I was maybe two years old). We’ll just have to see!

Well, it’s Friday. Huzzah for the weekend; I could use a break, but I can’t be totally lazy, either. I have a lot to do at work and at home. Hopefully I can find a good balance of the two and be ready to do some serious writing starting on Monday.