I just sent out my fifth thesis committee member request. Numbers one and two were easy, as those are my closest advisors. Number three I felt would be the hardest to nail down, and while he indeed have travel plans during my first choice, he could do the following week (the last week for spring graduation). Number four I felt would be a bit easier; however, he’s the one with tentative plans around that time and needs a week or two to confirm those dates before he can commit. I hope he can do it because I think he’ll be a nice complement to the group, so I have my fingers crossed! The fifth request is for a non-departmental reader, someone whom I don’t know at all but one of a few names my advisor suggested, so maybe they know each other. I am hopeful about him, too, though I do have those other names if it doesn’t work out.

I knew this would be one of the most unsettling tasks to perform, in its own way. However, I remain optimistic that I’ll get these folks nailed down before too long. But this is why you do this a few months in advance!

As far as the writing goes…well, it’s hard. DH and I discussed earlier how starting with a tabula rasa–a blank slate–is probably the hardest part of the thesis process. He felt the same way with his master’s thesis, and I’m sure feeling it now. Some things, like my own measurement setup and results, I can write from my brain while looking up a few quick numbers in my notebook; however, a lot of my thesis is background information that I have to research from primary sources and then learn well enough to write within the context of my research. That’s really hard. It takes me quite a while to ramp up my momentum for the day while doing this part, though I can eventually get going, sputtering along at about 15 mph or so. 😉 I just have to keep telling myself that it’s really okay…just get some words, any words, down, and my advisor will do a large bit of revising and suggesting. But he can only help me with that if I get something down on the page. I also struggle with wanting all my words to be very perfect the first time, but in the last few years I’ve really learned that it’s totally fine to give that up!

Well, I wanted to give a quick update, but I should get back to that sputtering along. I really am quite a good ways through a couple of chapters, so I’m trying to buckle down and finish at least one soon. Here’s more fingers crossed!