There’s been a lot of drama going on at our house lately. Well, in general it’s probably only a small amount of drama, but for a household that’s normally pretty low-key it seems like like a soap opera.

First, the search for another committee member continues. I got a rather unsure response from my first victim, er, nominee. He would do it, but only if he didn’t have to spend a lot of time studying topics he wasn’t familiar with. Understandable, but that’s still sort of the point of having a committee member outside the Physics Department. Of course, most groups in the Physics Department are so different from each other, they might as well be in different departments anyway. I told him I could look for someone else if he liked, but I would keep him in mind if I still needed someone. My second nominee had two problems…a joint appointment with both departments and twins due the week of my defense. Maybe that’s three problems?… Anyway, it’s time to move to the next name on the list. Third time’s a charm, right?

Other drama at home is over Craig’s List. Now, I love Craig’s List in general. We’ve bought and sold so much interesting stuff on it over the years…dog items, a blender, musical instruments, even my old car. Yesterday, DH listed a drum set that used to belong to my nephew but was given to me by my sister after he never played it. Well, I had wanted to play the drums for sooo many years in middle school and high school and college, but no matter how much I asked, I never got one. Of course, he gets one and then never plays it. Well, I thought it would be the way to finally enable my desire to play the drums after all these years. Of course, being a married grad student, I didn’t have the time I once did. Nor was I all that excited to go down into the cold basement to play it. So that meant that I, likewise, never played it.

I thought about it a long time. Even if I do finish up soon, I have other projects on my list to tackle when I get more time. Plus, if we move, we’ll just have to figure out whether it’s worth moving it or not. So, I finally decided that I could give it up now, and maybe in the future I could learn if the opportunity presented itself.

So, onto Craig’s List it went. We tried to price it competitively compared to others already listed, but I didn’t anticipate much interest at this time of year. Surprisingly, though, within an hour we had two calls from people begging to have it. DH asked the first caller when he would be by, and he said 3:00, though he was having to come from quite a ways away. DH said that the time was fine, and he would be around (he’s very flexible as he works at home). Well, he waited all evening, and the guy never showed. DH finally called to ask if he was even going to come, and it was good he did, because he hadn’t even left, nor seemed to even plan to leave.

DH then called the second guy in line, who was adamant that he wanted it. He said he would call this morning to let DH know when he could come up. However, by noon, DH hadn’t gotten a call. He tried to get in touch, but to no avail. Fortunately, two others had expressed interest in it by that point. The next in line actually lives right across the road in another neighborhood in our town. He claims that he’ll be by after work to get it for sure. We’ll see how that turns out.

While I am thankful for the interest and the high likelihood of getting rid of it, it has been a little silly how the prospective buyers have handled the situation. I’m all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but when you’re four hours late, four hours away, and haven’t even left yet, WHY HAVEN’T YOU CALLED??? I think there are definite Craig’s List protocols for buyers and sellers both, just plain common courtesy. However, it can feel like most people haven’t read that memo. That being said, more often than not we have a good experience, despite the few pitfalls here and there.

I’m sure that hardly qualifies as real drama, but it can definitely be a distraction. Progress this week has been a lot slower, but I am still managing to creep forward at any speed, just making sure I don’t stop. Today has been better, though. Any progress is good progress, but hopefully I can continue to pick up the pace going into the end of the week.