This weekend we marked another 101-in-1001 item off our list (three in one week isn’t bad!).

Every year, the baseball team hosts three fireworks games–two around Independence Day and one for their last home game of the season. We’ve always wanted to go one, and this year we finally made it. I think I delayed on this one because I thought it would be a crowded, crazy mess to deal with (these are always sell-out games). It wasn’t too terrible, although parking prices around the stadium were artificially inflated due to demand. We also seemed stuck in a bit more traffic than usual after the game. Anyways, it was a neat experience.

The game was a commanding victory, which is always exciting. Then, after the game finished, all those seated in the two big sections underneath where the fireworks were being shot off were lead out onto the outfield to watch the show. This seriously took almost half an hour, but it was interesting to watch the mass chaos unfold until everyone finally got seated. The show itself was great; lots of interesting fireworks, patriotic music, and a quite ridiculous finale. This seemed like the perfect kind of activity to have on our list…fun and easily doable and prolongedly procrastinated.  😉

A photo of fireworks from a phone camera is hopelessly blurry. Ah well.