It’s my last Monday, at least for this job. If you’re read my blog at all you know that sometimes Mondays and I didn’t get along very well. However, we’ve managed to make it through the last seven years here, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more Mondays at another job or jobs, God willing.

Of course, while today hasn’t been all that bad in principle, it is a typical Monday in that there is a bit of an unexpected, annoying hiccup at work today. Evidently, the air conditioning in our wing went out early Sunday morning. When I walked in the building this morning, I didn’t notice anything amiss until I went into our lab, which was a balmy 33 degrees Celsius (around 91 degrees F) according to our lab temp monitoring equipment. With the doors closed for 24 hours, all that electronics equipment made a nice little oven in there. Somebody had opened the doors, and we began turning off as much unnecessary equipment as possible to keep from heating it up any more. Also, since most of our optics and lasers are quite sensitive to temperature, it goes without saying that nobody will be getting much done in the lab today. That’s a little bit unfortunate, since I need to complete one final measurement before I leave (there’s always one more measurement to get done, right?).

According to the latest email from facilities, they might have things working again late afternoon or evening. If that really is the case, it might be cool enough to do measurements by tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see. These last few data might just fall to my colleagues to finish up on their own, but I’m sure they can do it just fine. Meanwhile, it’s starting to get stuffy in our office as the day warms. At least it’s not going to be a 100-degree day, but even in the dry heat of Colorado, any interior is going inevitably warm up. That means by afternoon I don’t know if even I, who generally likes being warm instead of cold at all, might not be able to stand it. I may have to escape to our lab space in the new building for a few hours.

Well, at least I get to go out with a bang. There’s nothing like a significant building malfunction to leave me with fond memories of working at this old place. Power outages, lab floods, fire alarms, radioactive spills…just another day in an old government research lab.