So which house did we choose?

  • House Number One, with fabulous kitchen but on a busy street?
  • House Number Two, with just the right amount of room but more or less pretty average? or
  • House Number Three, with a little less space but fantastic bathrooms?

We went with House Number Two!

House Number One just wasn’t quite awesome enough to counteract the busy street, so we ruled it out pretty fast. We did go back and forth between Houses Two and Three for quite a while. If we’d only seen one or the other we would never have had a problem going with either one, but they each had some great qualities, making the decision pretty difficult to discern. We tried asking our Magic 8 Ball and flipping a coin, but in the end we decided that it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra space and went with House Number Two.

I really enjoy houses and real estate, which probably comes from my parents who would build houses to sell or for us to live in when I was growing up. I never lived in a house my parents didn’t build until I went to college. I also got used to moving to a new house, albeit only a few miles away, every few years. I sort of like moving to a new place and fixing up a new home, though the process of moving from our first home has proved to be significantly more monumental than hopping apartments. But at least we have a nice place to land when we get into town in a few weeks, and hopefully we’ll be able to make it a home while we get used to living in a new place.