You have no doubt wondered where I have been these many weeks. Indeed, I’ve been quite a number of places and have traveled far, physically and personally. In November, DH and I packed a truck and moved from Colorado to Maryland so I could start my new job. As you can imagine, this has been a pretty busy  and significant time for us, so you are probably sympathetic to my lack of posting. However, something else has been afoot.

When I began this blog nearly two years ago now (so hard to believe!), I was sitting at the beginning of the end. I could see the faint glimmer of the end of a long journey, and over the next year and a half you walked with me during some dim and discouraging days toward the bright future ahead. Now that I’ve come through the graduation process and earned my degree, I’m ready to start a new phase in life.

I’ve spent a really long contemplating this. Since this is the beginning and no longer the end, I have ultimately decided that it’s time to transition from this story to another. Therefore, it is my pleasure to announce to you a new blog chronicling my journey in a new place with a new job.

The Taylor Approximation is now where I will reside in the blogosphere. It’s still me and my story, just with a new storyline related to my new life as a “grown-up.” 😉

I won’t be taking End of the Fiber down, at least not at the moment. However, if you are currently following me here and would like to keep following on the new blog, I encourage you to sign up over there to receive my latest updates as I will probably not be adding new content here.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me, and I hope you’ll come share in the new goings-on over at The Taylor Approximation!