I am proud to report a quite successful week regarding the accomplishment of last Monday’s goal. I had been letting my exercise routine slack a bit lately, so I resolved to get back into it last week (and continue to keep it up, of course). So last Monday I did a solid three-mile run, and I went back to my usual fitness classes at the rec center last week. I’ve also been doing a little core work at home, and DH and I went on a bike ride on Saturday. I’ve already got a plan for this week, too, and I feel good about getting ramped up again. I do admit that I don’t always feel motivated to do something, but usually I can manage something at least. I certainly feel like I have to answer to you, dear readers, if I slack off on a goal I told you I’d do. 🙂

This week, DH is out of town for work, so it’s just the dog and me. Part of this week’s goal is just to keep up with the fitness routine. I think the other one will be trying to do some memorization that I keep putting off. DH teaches our Sunday School class, and he challenged our class to memorize a handful of short verses a few weeks ago. I keep thinking about it but haven’t done it yet, so this seems like a perfect thing to tackle in a week. Like just about everything, if I am not intentional about doing it, it’ll never get done!

For the record, while I was a bit tired from staying up too late with a book last night, this Monday was vastly, vastly better than the “three” that I had already had in July. Maybe I’ve had enough Monday to last me through the rest of the month…and, likewise, the last of my days at my job. And by the way, t’s halfway through July now…can you believe it?